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I think textile art is so approachable because it is made of fabric, thread, or yarn, things in what we wear and use every day. And yet, they can be elevated to be quite special.

Growing up in Alaska and going back to see family, the outdoors is part of everyday life. Walking in forests where footfalls are softened by inches of moss, where every trip to the beach fills pockets to overflowing with shells and tumbled glass and driftwood, and where the mountains rise up to touch the sky, the visual cues are constant.


Living in the Skagit Valley now invokes the same love of nature. Near the Skagit River, I live in a 120-year-old farmhouse with views to mountains and open skies.  Everything is drenched in color and layered with texture. All of it inspires the need for a creative way to reflect that beauty, even in a small way.


I truly hope that my work delights your eye and encourages your soul. 


My work is also for sale in galleries.

Scott Milo | Anacortes, WA

Museum of Northwest Art | La Conner, WA

Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum | La Conner, WA














Andi Shannon

delight the eye, encourage the soul

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